Central Postcode Directory

The Central Postcode Directory (CPD) contains a record of active and terminated postcodes in Northern Ireland, providing Irish Grid XY coordinates that represent the average location of the constituent addresses in each postcode.


This dataset is maintained by NISRA and provides a direct lookup between postcodes and a range of administrative and statistical geographies including Local Government Districts, Electoral Wards, Data Zones, Super Data Zones and Parliamentary Constituencies. A full list of the geographies is available in the Guidance Notes. The latest version of the CPD is referenced to January 2024.

Accessing the CPD

The CPD is freely available to all Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA) participants or those working on behalf of a NIMA participant. Further information on NIMA and participating organisations is available on the Spatial NI website. If you are unsure about your NIMA eligibility, please inquire with Land & Property Services.

Anyone working on behalf of a NIMA participant must obtain the data from the NIMA participant and complete the relevant Sub-Licence form.

Non-NIMA customers can licence the product through the OSNI Online Map Shop.

Users must complete the Terms and Conditions document and return it to geography@nisra.gov.uk to receive a password for accessing the downloaded CPD files.

Central Postcode Directory - Download Formats

Users can download the Central Postcode Directory in a number of formats:

  • MS Access
  • Text file - Dollar ($) separated variables
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) file

Supporting Documents

While NISRA endeavour to ensure the CPD is as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data presented.  Further clarification on any aspect not already covered relating to the transfer of or dissemination involving CPD data should be directed to geography@nisra.gov.uk.

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