Combined 1 Kilometre and 100 Metre Grid Square

The Combined Grid Square product provides basic 2001 Census statistics for population and household counts for a combination of 1Km and 100 metre grid squares in Northern Ireland. An explanation of the grid square references is available.

Population and household counts are provided at a 100 metre grid resolution for settlements with a population of greater than 1000 using Settlement Development Limits (SDLs) as defined by the Planning Service. More information on how the Combined Grid Square product was created.

Geography Preview

Attribute table

Easting Geographic coordinate for easting
Northing Geographic coordinate for northing
Pers01 Population count for grid square (2001 Census)
Hh01 Household count for grid square (2001 Census)
Location Settlement
Geoareaha Area in hectares of grid square
Gridsq100m 100m grid square reference
Gridsq1km 1Km grid square reference

Combined Grid Square 1Km Grid Square in GIS format

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