Domestic tourism (Northern Ireland residents)

Statistics on Domestic tourism (Northern Ireland residents)

Tourism data is derived from a variety of sources. The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effect on these sources. The COVID-19 and the production of statistics page details the effect on NISRA statistics overall and the Impact of COVID-19 on Northern Ireland tourism statistics addresses specific issues with sources normally used in tourism publications.  NISRA will continue to publish as much data as possible and will explore other indicators if the original source is affected.  However, due to the quality and quantity of some data NISRA has suspended National Statistics status for tourism data until further notice.  In absence of our regular publication we will produce an alternative source publication containing a wide range of tourism related statistics produced by both NISRA and other sources at Northern Ireland alternative source statistics up to 7 October 2021

In May 2017 after assessment by the Office for  Statistics Regulation this publication was awarded National Statistics accreditation. National Statistics status means that official statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value.

The latest annual tourism statistics incorporating overnight trips taken by NI residents were published on 22 October 2020. The publication, which includes additional tables can be accessed at:


The tourism module of the Continuous Household Survey (CHS) collects details of overnight trips to UK and Republic of Ireland (RoI) destinations and day trips to NI and RoI destinations.

NISRA continually reviews its methodology and will keep users updated on any changes.

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