Programme for Government Outcomes

List of Programme for Government Outcomes

  1. We prosper through a strong, competitive, regionally balanced economy
  2. We live and work sustainably - protecting the environment
  3. We have a more equal society
  4. We enjoy long, healthy, active lives
  5. We are an innovative, creative society where people can fulfil their potential
  6. We have more people working in better jobs
  7. We have a safe community where we respect the law and each other
  8. We care for others and we help those in need
  9. We are a shared, welcoming and confident society that respects diversity
  10. We have created a place where people want to live and work, to visit and invest
  11. We connect people and opportunities through our infrastructure
  12. We give our children and young people the best start in life

Programme for Government Population Indicators