Programme for Government Population Indicators

Programme for Government Population Indicators - Measurement Annexes


Linked to Outcome
Prevalence rate (% of the population who were victims of any NI Crime Survey crime) 7, 10
Gap between highest and lowest deprivation quintile in healthy life expectancy at birth 3, 4
Healthy life expectancy at birth 4
Preventable mortality 4
Satisfaction with health and social care 4
% of population with GHQ12 scores ≥4 (signifying possible mental health problem) 4, 8
% of babies born at a low birth weight 12
Number of households in housing stress 8
Number of adults receiving social care services at home or self directed support for social care as a % of the total number of adults needing care 8
% care leavers who, aged 19, were in education, training or employment 12
% school leavers achieving at level 2 or above including English and Maths 5, 12
Gap between % of non-FSME school leavers and % of FSME school leavers achieving at level 2 or above including English and Maths 3, 12
% of schools found to be good or better 12
Proportion of the workforce in employment qualified to level 1 and above, level 2 and above, level 3 and above, and level 4 and above 6
% children at appropriate stage of development in their immediate pre-school year
No measurement annex as data development is required
Seasonally adjusted employment rate (16-64) 6
Economic inactivity rate excluding students 3, 6
A Better Jobs Index
No measurement annex as data development is required
6, 10
% population living in absolute and relative poverty (before housing costs) 3, 8
Private Sector NICEI 1
External sales 1
Rate of innovation activity (% of companies engaging in innovation activity) 1, 5
Average journey time on key economic corridors 11
Proportion of premises with access to broadband services at speeds at or above 30 Mbps 5, 11
% of all journeys which are made by walking/cycling/public transport 2, 11
A Respect Index 7, 9
% engaging in arts/cultural activities 5
Confidence (as measured by self-efficacy) 5, 9
Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2
Total spend by external visitors 10
% who think all leisure centres, parks, libraries and shopping centres in their areas are 'shared and open' to both Protestants and Catholics 9
Employment rate of 16-64 year olds by deprivation quintile 3
% people working part time who would like to work more hours 6
Employment rate by council area 1, 3, 6
% of the population who believe their cultural identity is respected by society 7, 9, 10
% household waste that is reused, recycled or composted 2
Annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentration at monitored urban roadside locations 2
Average time taken to complete criminal cases 7
Reoffending rate 7
Nation Brands Index 10
Proportion of local graduates from local institutions in professional or management occupations or in further study six months after graduation 6
Average life satisfaction score of people with disabilities 8, 9
% change in energy security of supply margin
No measurement annex as data development is required
Levels of soluble reactive phosphorus in our rivers and levels of Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen in our marine waters 2
Biodiversity 2
Usage of online channels to access public services 11
Overall Performance Assessment (NI Water)
Measurement annex in development
Gap between the number of houses we need, and the number of houses we have 11
Confidence of the population aged 60 years or older (as measured by self-efficacy) 8

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