NI Statistical Surveys – Assessment of burden on businesses, households and individuals

Summary details on the burden to business, households and individuals of complying with Government statistical surveys in Northern Ireland.


An online consultation seeking users’ views on proposals to reduce the content of the ‘Cost to Business’ report and discontinue the ‘Burden on Households & Individuals’ report was held between 21 December 2022 and 15 February 2023. The responses from the consultation were supportive of the proposals, which is consistent with the feedback received from other user engagement.

As a result, the ‘Burden on Households & Individuals’ report for 2020-21 is the last in the series, and the 2021-22 'Cost to Business' report only includes analyses at the Northern Ireland level and a single breakdown by Department. The downloadable data, published alongside the report, enabling users to replicate the missing analysis.

A full write-up of the responses and actions taken as a result of the feedback is available in the Outcome of User Consultation on Survey Burden Reports document.

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