Information on consultations and the planning of the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland.

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2021 Census Proposals Document

Information on the Registrar General’s proposals for the design and conduct of the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland.

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Census Rehearsal

As part of our preparations for the 2021 Census, NISRA will be holding a census rehearsal in October 2019.

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Information on consultations associated with the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland.

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Information on legislation associated with the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland, includes a statement of agreement between the National Statistician and the Registrars General for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Reports and publications

Publications detailing our research. This section includes the 2021 Census Information Paper - The Future Provision of Census of Population Information for Northern Ireland.

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2017 Census Test

In September and October 2017, NISRA held a Census Test involving 15,000 randomly-selected households across Northern Ireland.

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2021 Census suppliers

NISRA is welcoming a number of suppliers to help deliver the 2021 Census.

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National Statistics accreditation

The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) is carrying out an assessment of the 2021 Censuses for Northern Ireland, England-Wales and Scotland. OSR will be assessing the extent to which the censuses meet the professional standards set out in the statutory Code of Practice for Statistics.

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