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Census 2021 main statistics for settlements and wards in Northern Ireland was published at 9.30 am on 30 November 2023.

Data on approximated social grade from Census 2021 was also published at 9.30 am on 30 November 2023.

Next release

Census 2021 data for populated 1 kilometre and 100 metre grid squares in Northern Ireland will be available for a range of topics at 9.30 am on 14 December 2023.

Things you might have missed…

Census 2021 population-weighted centroids for Data Zones and Super Data Zones

Census 2021 population-weighted centroids for Data Zones and Super Data Zones are available to download.

Each centroid is a single reference point representing the spatial distribution of the Census 2021 usual resident population in that area.

New parliamentary constituency geography data for Census 2021 available in the Flexible Table Builder 

On 26 September 2023, the Flexible Table Builder was updated with new parliamentary constituency geography data from Census 2021.

You can now get Census 2021 data about population, identity, religion, housing, qualifications, and health for the new parliamentary constituencies.

Census 2021 outputs and dissemination webinars

Census Office ran two webinars in September 2023, a copy of the presentation is available to download in PDF format.

Useful Census 2021 links

Flexible Table Builder

Use the Flexible Table Builder to build your own Census 2021 custom tables, or browse a selection of ready-made tables.

Census area explorer

Use the census area explorer to view a range of Census 2021 data for Northern Ireland, Local Government Districts, and down to Data Zone.

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