Information about the 2001 Census outputs, reports and supporting information.

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This section includes reports and supporting information relating to the 2001 Census results. Statistics from the 2001 Census are available on our website.

Population report

The Population report provides counts of the resident population by age and sex.

Key Statistics

Key Statistics provide summary statistics for the majority of census questions and topics, mainly presented as percentages of population totals.

Standard Tables

Standard Tables provide more detailed cross-tabular census output covering a wide variety of census variables.

Census Area Statistics

Census Area Statistics provide cross-tabular outputs covering a variety of census variables.

Univariate Tables

Univariate Tables form a set of detailed counts for a wide selection of census variables.

Migration, travel to work and workplace population report

Migration Tables contain information on migration of persons and households in and out of Northern Ireland.

Theme Tables

Theme Tables bring together previously published information for particular sub-populations into individual summary tables covering a variety of census topics.

Origin-destination statistics

The origin-destination tables provide information on flows of migrants or people travelling to work from one specific geographical area to another. In addition to overall counts of the flows between areas, the tables provide breakdowns by various topics, such as age and economic activity.

The origin-destination tables will be made available in four phases (with an additional phase for Great Britain). The first phase, which occurred on 7 May 2004, included the output area migration matrix that gives a detailed breakdown of the sex and age of migrants between each output area in the UK. The second phase provides details of movements between wards and was released on 15 July 2004.  The third phase features movements between Parliamentary Constituencies with NI and local authorities within GB and was released on 21 October 2004.  The final set of statistics on moving groups was released on 16 December 2004.

Further information

Accessing the information

To obtain a copy of the origin-destination products contact the Office for National Statistics (ONS) customer services at:

Census Customer Services
Segensworth Road
Hants PO15 5RR

Telephone: 01329 813800

Grid Square

The Grid Square product provides basic 2001 Census statistics for population and household counts for a combination of 1 kilometre and 100 metre grid squares in Northern Ireland.

Bulk download files

2001 Census tables are available to download in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format, is the most common text format used for importing data into databases or spreadsheets.

Headcount and household estimates

Headcount and household estimate tables for Ward (2014), District Electoral Area (2014) and Local Government District (2014) from the 2001 Census are available to download.

Commissioned output

Commissioned Output consists of tables, requested by users, which have been produced using standard output classifications and standard geographies.

How to request information

Contact Census Customer Services for more information or complete the request form available on our Census Commissioned Output page

Output prospectus

This prospectus covers the scope and phasing of the 2001 Census results.