Suicide statistics

Date published: 09 October 2020


Number of suicides registered each calendar year in Northern Ireland.


These tables detail the number of suicides registered each year in Northern Ireland and provide additional information on age, sex, geographical area and time taken to register the death.  They have been produced as an addendum to the Annual Report of the Registrar General.

Users should note that a revised times series for suicide deaths from 2015 onwards was published by NISRA in November 2022. This came following the completion of a review of suicide statistics during which NISRA working with the Coroners Service in relation to a quality issue identified in the Northern Ireland Suicide deaths data series. An interim report on the review and revised timeline of data was published in May 2022, with the finalised data series (including 2021 data) published in November 2022. Users are advised that data relating to 2015 onwards in historical releases will not match the revised time series and the most recent release should be used for data relating to 2015 onwards. Due to the review there is now a break in the series between 2014 and 2015, meaning the data prior to 2015 is not directly comparable with date from 2015 onwards.

Suicide deaths registered in 2019