Historical Weekly Deaths Data

Date published: 08 February 2024


Historical Weekly Deaths Data 2011-2022

23 February 2024: We have expanded the current historical weekly deaths final data to include estimates of expected and excess deaths based on the new methodology as advised by the ONS methodology paper and blog, and the NISRA summary information paper on 202 Febraury 2024.

8 February 2024: We have revised weekly historical data to align reporting weeks with England and Wales to allow for ease of comparison. The number of registrations reported has not changed, nor the dates to which they refer, only the week number assigned to the dates. This resulted in a reduction of 53 weeks in 2017 to 52, a step change in week numbers in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and the total number of reporting weeks in 2020 being increased from 52 to 53. Users should note that if they made comparisons with previous years using week number alone that the corresponding week will now be different for those years affected as will the corresponding average.   


A summary table of the number of deaths by week of registration and age, including data on deaths linked with a respiratory illness