Census 2021 population and household estimates for Northern Ireland

Date published: 24 May 2022


The population and household estimates in this release were published rounded to the nearest 100 because at that time the dataset was still being subjected to a number of final statistical procedures. The statistics in ‘Census 2021 main statistics for Northern Ireland (phase 1)’ reflect the final database.

These statistics contain the first results from Census 2021, and provide estimates of the Northern Ireland population by five-year age band and sex, residence type, and the household count with average household size. Estimates in this release were published in rounded form.


Our scrollytelling article shows how the population of Northern Ireland has changed over time.

The statistical bulletin and quality assurance report are also available to view in HTML format.

Additional supporting information, including a list of census outputs definitions and a set of frequently asked questions, are available via our Reference materials page.