Burden to Households and Individuals of Completing Statistical Surveys issued by Northern Ireland Departments, 2020/21

Date published: 10 June 2022


This report details the burden to Households and Individuals of complying with Government Statistical Surveys in Northern Ireland.

An accompanying report NI Statistical Surveys - Assessment of Cost Burden to Business 2020/21 is also available.


NISRA Statistical Support Branch is seeking users’ views on proposals to reduce the content of the ‘Cost to Business of Completing Statistical Surveys’ report and discontinue the ‘Burden on Households & Individuals of Completing Statistical Surveys’ report.

A detailed outline of the proposals and the rationale behind them is available in the User Engagement on Survey Burden Reports document.

You can respond to the consultation using the online consultation form. The survey should take no longer than fifteen minutes to complete. The consultation will end on 15 February 2023.