Alcohol-Specific deaths in Northern Ireland, 2021

Date published: 13 October 2022


Revision notice 16 December 2022: Alcohol-Specific deaths in 2021 have been revised to reflect the findings of the review of suicide statistics and additional quality assurance of archived data. Revisions were minimal and did not change overall trends, with the exception of Table 3 on cause of death where the majority of deaths that were previously attributed an ICD-10 relating to 'undetermined intent' (Y15), have now been recoded as 'accidental' (X45).

Correction notice: 19.10.22: Subsequent to the publication of Alcohol-specific death statistics on 13 October 2022, NISRA identified a coding issue whereby one case was given a code relating to alcohol in error. The impact of this correction is a small reduction of one in to the headline total number of alcohol-specific deaths, down from 351 to 350. This makes the total in 2021 the second highest on record rather than the joint highest,  as originally reported.