The Northern Ireland Crime Survey

Details of the Survey

The Northern Ireland Crime Survey (NICS) is a representative, continuous, personal interview survey of the experiences and perceptions of crime of approximately 2000 adults living in private households throughout Northern Ireland. Previously conducted on an ad hoc basis in 1994/95, 1998, 2001 and 2003/04, the NICS began operating on a continuous basis in January 2005.

Received a letter?

The information leaflet explains all about the survey in detail and can be accessed here.

A copy of the letter send to households can be viewed from here.

Our interviewers will present their official ID when they call - a copy of this can be viewed here.

Letters sent to respondents and alternative language versions can be viewed here.

If you have any questions please phone or email Conor McKiernan on 028 9025 5058,



The Northern Ireland Crime Survey is based on a systematic random sample of 3375 addresses drawn each year from the Pointer list of domestic addresses. Pointer is the address database for Northern Ireland maintained by Land & Property Services (LPS). More information on Pointer can be found here

One person (aged 16 or over) from each address is chosen at random to be interviewed.


Results / Publications

Results from the Crime survey can be accessed from the link below on the Department of Justice website.



If you would like further information about the Northern Ireland Crime Survey, please contact:

Conor McKiernan  Tel: 028 9025 5058

Stuart Bennett Tel: (028) 028 9025 5100


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