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Baby Names 2017 statistics

Published 01 August 2018News story

Cross-Border Supply Chain Report

Published 21 June 2018News story

Northern Ireland annual tourism statistics 2017

Published 07 June 2018News story

Changes to the Claimant Count

Published 20 March 2018News story

NISRA office closure due to adverse weather

Published 02 March 2018News story

Changes to NISRA release timetable

Published 15 February 2018News story


Published 07 February 2018News story

Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017 events

Published 05 January 2018News story

Registrar General Annual Report 2016

Published 07 November 2017News story

2016-based Population Projections for Northern Ireland

Published 26 October 2017News story

NISRA address checking exercise

Published 28 September 2017News story