Registrar General Annual Report 2019

Date published: 16 December 2020

The 2019 Registrar General Annual Report was released at 9.30am today.
The Annual Report of the Registrar General provides finalised detailed demographic statistics for Northern Ireland.

Key points

  • The population of Northern Ireland was estimated to be 1.89 million people, an increase of 12,000 people (0.6 per cent) from mid-2018.
  • 67 stillbirths (37 males and 30 females) were registered. This was 12 less than in 2018 and equates to a stillbirth rate of 3.0 per 1,000 total births (both live and still).
  • 15,758 deaths (7,790 males and 7,968 females) were registered, a 1.0 per cent decrease on the 2018 figure (15,922) and 0.6 per cent more than two decades ago when the severe flu epidemic occurred in 1999 (15,663).
  • Of the 15,758 deaths, the leading cause of death was cancer (28.4 per cent), followed by circulatory disease (23.4 per cent) and respiratory disease (12.5 per cent).  These have been the three leading causes of death since 2012.
  • 7,255 marriages were registered, equivalent to just under 1 every hour.
  • There were 103 civil partnerships registered (46 male partnerships and 57 female partnerships), five fewer than in 2018.
  • 125 children (63 boys and 62 girls) were adopted, an increase of 19.0 per cent from the 2018 figure of 105.


The full report and tables can be found in the Registrar General Annual Report section of the website.

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