Popular Baby Names Northern Ireland 2023

Date published: 16 April 2024

Popular Baby Names in Northern Ireland 2023 was published at 9.30 this morning.

This morning the 2023 tables showing Popular Baby Names in Northern Ireland was published. The infographic below shows some of the headlines.

The interactive search tool for popular baby names has also been updated with the 2023 baby names data and with a set of historical data by decade, dating back to the 1922. Historical data shows that the most popular names registered at births since 1992 were John and Mary.

NI Most Popular Baby Names 2023. Noah, Jack, James. Isla, Fiadh, Grace. Joined the top 10 in 2023. Leo, Luca, Amelia, Ella. Top climbers in 2023. Leon, Donnacha, Albie, Seth, Rebecca, Rhea, Aurora, Raya.

Background information on the production of baby names data is available from the NISRA website.

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