Partial rescheduling of the NI labour market statistics publication

Date published: 13 October 2023

Users will be aware that NISRA releases Northern Ireland’s key labour market indicators on the same day and at the same time as those released by the other National Statistics Institutes for their respective territories of the UK. Importantly, this long-standing arrangement enables the Northern Ireland position to be considered in the wider context of that across the UK.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has taken the decision to delay its next publication of the UK and Regional Labour Market estimates based on the UK Labour Force Survey (previously due on Tuesday 17th October). This also includes details from the Claimant Count data. These data will now be published on Tuesday 24th October.

The ONS have explained the reason for their delay in this statement, which they released today.

In line with our long-standing arrangements and in order to ensure that NI estimates can continue be viewed in the wider UK context, NISRA has decided to delay the release of the Northern Ireland results from the Labour Force Survey until 24th October – in line with arrangements instigated by the ONS.

The HMRC Real Time Information data for Northern Ireland and the NI redundancy data will still be published as originally planned on Tuesday 17th October.

Users viewing the ONS statement can be assured that response rates to the Labour Force Survey in Northern Ireland continue to be robust, for which we are grateful to the general public of Northern Ireland. We will continue to work with ONS on this matter.

NISRA apologises for any inconvenience that this may cause.

For clarity, the publication schedule will now be as follows:

Published on Tuesday 17th October at 0700

Labour Market Report, October 2023 – containing HMRC Real Time Information data and redundancy data only.

Published on Tuesday 24th October at 0700

Labour Market Report, October 2023 - will be updated to include LFS and Claimant Count information.

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