New NISRA (COVID-19) Opinion Survey

Date published: 28 April 2020

As well as our usual surveys, NISRA launched a new study on Monday 20th April aimed at finding out more about the way the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the lives of people living in Northern Ireland. Over the next eight weeks, NISRA is inviting households from all areas to contribute to the study. The results of this study will help us to better understand the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having on the lives on people in Northern Ireland and help inform decisions going forward. If invited to take part, please help us by participating in this study - your participation, which will be greatly appreciated, is really important and will help ensure that your voice is heard in these challenging times.

As with all NISRA household surveys at present, this will be conducted by telephone. Households chosen to take part in the study will receive a letter with instructions on how to participate – please see below on how COVID-19 has changed the way NISRA conduct their surveys.

Changes to how NISRA conduct household surveys and the important role you can play

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NISRA is currently carrying out their household surveys by telephone, instead of by face-to-face interviewers. Now more than ever, as we strive to assess the economic and societal impact that COVID-19 has had and will have on NI we really need your help so that we can measure this impact accurately. If you receive a letter to take part in one of surveys listed below, please follow the instructions on the letter so that we can get in touch and conduct the survey by telephone. You can either call us on the number provided in the letter or visit to arrange a convenient time for our interviewer to call you back to conduct the survey.

Current NISRA Active Households Surveys

  • Continuous Household Survey
  • COVID-19 Opinion Survey
  • Family Resources Survey
  • Labour Force Survey
  • The Northern Ireland Living Costs and Food Survey
  • Survey on Living Conditions
  • Travel Survey for Northern Ireland


If you have any queries regarding any of the surveys, please get in touch – email or


NISRA would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in any of our surveys.

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