Business Register and Employment Survey 2017

Date published: 27 September 2018

This bulletin summarises findings from the Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) 2017.

  • The total number of employee jobs in Northern Ireland in September 2017 was 756,365, an increase of 16,750 jobs (2.3%) since September 2016.
  • The increase in employee jobs was driven mainly by growth in the service industry (11,477 jobs) which was responsible for 69% of the total increase.
  • The manufacturing sector increased by almost 3,000 jobs or 3.6% over the year to September 2017.  The equivalent growth for the previous year was 0.5%.
  • Construction jobs continued to grow with an increase of 4.7% (1,557 jobs) over the year to September 2017.
  • Public sector employee jobs increased by 1.3% over the period.  The growth in the public sector was driven by an increase in female part-time jobs of 2,909 (4.9%).  Female full-time jobs fell over the period (-889 or -1.2%).  This is the first time public sector jobs have increased since 2013.
  • All District Council areas in Northern Ireland saw an increase in employee jobs except for Antrim & Newtownabbey, where a small decrease (-0.7%) was observed over the year to September 2017.  It should be noted that a proportion of the District Council area changes in employee jobs over the year can be attributed to the relocation of jobs within Northern Ireland.
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