Programme for Government

Northern Ireland Programme for Government Framework (PfG 2016/2021)

The draft Programme for Government Framework 2016-2021 uses an outcomes-based approach. These outcomes (below) are things with which people can identify, such as living longer and healthier lives or getting good jobs - and which are designed to stay in place for a generation rather than a single Assembly term, and which define if we are progressing as a society.

The outcomes are supported by 48 indicators which are clear statements for change. Each indicator is accompanied by a measure which is largely derived from existing statistics. These will show how we are performing in relation to the outcomes and will provide a basis to monitor progress and take appropriate corrective action. The measures are designed to be robust and transparent, and where feasible use existing data sources which are produced by NISRA statisticians and are Official Statistics. All statistics produced by NISRA are open to independent scrutiny by the UK Statistics Authority. In some instances data in relation to the measure are not currently being collected and a data development agenda is being put in place.

A measurement annex has been prepared by NISRA statisticians for each measure for which data are currently available. Where annexes are not available they will be added to this page and updated where necessary over the coming days and weeks. The annexes give information about the source, frequency of publication, quality, trend data and potential issues with the data.

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