Meet the Research Support Team

Deborah Lyness - Head of Demographic Statistics

Peter Wilgar - Head of RSU

Carmel Colohan - Head of Administrative Research Unit (ARU)

Chris Snoddy - Head of User Services

John Hughes - Governmental Researcher in ARU

Catherine McLoughlin - Head of NILS within the RSU

Catherine O'Donnell - Head of Themed Datasets

John McMenamin - Manager of the RSU ICT Team responsible for the RSU network

Mandy Milliken - Member of the RSU ICT Team responsible for system/database administration of the RSU network

Dr Colm Lavery; Dr Nichola McCullough; Nicola Reid; Alison McKee; Megan McAlister; Emma Connell - Research Support Team within the RSU are responsible for helping researchers develop project proposals, and ensuring that all outputs from statistical analysis are safe for release

Darrell Martin - Administrative staff responsible for researcher and project databases