Partners and Funding

The NILS and ADR NI work in partnership with a range of academic and government institutions


ADR Northern Ireland (ADR NI) is a partnership between the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) and academics from the Queen’s University’s Centre for Public Health and the School of Management, and Ulster University’s Bamford Centre for Mental Health. ADR NI is primarily funded by the ESRC with additional support from the Health and Social Care Research and Development (HSCR&D) Unit . Together, ADR NI promotes and facilitates the acquisition, linking and analysis of administrative datasets, developing cutting-edge research to improve public knowledge, policymaking and public service delivery. 



The NILS has been formally available to researchers since the end of 2006. Partnered by Queen's University, Belfast and HSC, it was developed by NISRA and is maintained and managed as a resource for research. Dr Ian Shuttleworth is currently Director of the ESRC-funded NILS Research Support Unit (NILS RSU) and is also a member of the NI Census Advisory Group and the ESRC Census Advisory Committee.