Administrative Data Research Northern Ireland (ADR NI)

ADR NI supports the acquisition, linking and analysis of administrative data sets to improve knowledge, policymaking and public service delivery

ADR NI is one of several partners that make up the UK wide Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK). ADR NI works together with colleagues at ADR Scotland, ADR Wales, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the ADR UK Strategic Hub to help researchers get access to de-identified, linked administrative data.

ADR NI makes it possible for trained researchers to use administrative data for social and economic research, while making sure the data remains safe and everyone’s privacy is protected. The ultimate aims are to inform the development and monitoring of public policy and to help ensure that decision making is evidence based. Indeed ADR projects have a history of influencing public policy decisions.

As well as giving accredited researchers access to administrative data, the ADR NI carries out its own original research.

Please consult the ADR Data Prospectus to see the full range of data sets that come under the scope of ADR NI.

Ethical Approval

Ethical approval is required for all ADR research projects.

For governmental researchers (and those not affiliated with academic institutions) please see the National Statistician’s Data Ethics Advisory Committee website.

For academic researchers affiliated with Queen's University, Belfast, please see the QUB Ethics Committee page.

For academic researchers affiliated with Ulster University, please consult Part B of the University's Policy for the Governance of Research

For academic researchers outside Northern Ireland, please contact your institution's Research Ethics and Governance Office.

Apply for an ADR NI Project

ADR NI projects are only approved when the following conditions are met:

  1. that data providers provide a letter of support for the project;
  2. that the project has a clear public benefit;
  3. that there is an appropriate legal gateway for processing the data;
  4. that researchers commit to publish their results.

To apply for an ADR NI project click the link and follow the instructions: 

Information for Researchers

Click the following links for the Trusted Third Party demographic data quality reports: