Northern Ireland Small Areas

Small Areas (SAs) have been introduced in Northern Ireland after the 2011 Census. Small Areas are generally created by amalgamating 2001 Census Output Areas. Small Areas nest within the 890 Super Output Areas and the 582 Electoral Wards in Northern Ireland. There are 4,537 SAs in Northern Ireland.

Information Paper 

Small areas do not nest within the new 11 Local Government Districts (LGD2014) or the new 80 District Electoral Areas, but best-fit lookup tables have been created.

Small Area Look-up Tables and Guidance Documents

Small Areas
Small Areas

Attribute Table

SA_Code Name Small Areas coding convention with ward name
SA_Code Small Areas coding convention
Hectares Area in hectares
X Co-Ord Geographic coordinate easting for geographically weighted centroid
Y Co-Ord Geographic coordinate northing for geographically weighted centroid

Small Area Boundaries in GIS format