Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (DfC)

Neighbouhood Renewal Areas (NRAs) are neighbourhoods identified as experiencing the most severe multiple deprivation and have been chosen to receive support under the Department for Communities People and Place strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal. In total 36 neighbourhoods have been identified to receive support.  

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Attribute Table

NRA Neighbourhood Renewal Area (NRA) Name
Development Office Development Office responsible

Neighbourhood Renewal Areas Boundary in GIS format

Census 2021 outputs

Census Office has published a set Census 2021 commissioned tables for Neighbourhood Renewal Areas: 

Census 2021 outputs for Neighbourhood Renewal Areas were developed using Grid Square approximation. Further information is available in the Census 2021 settlement methodology paper (PDF, 168 KB), section 3.2 describes the method that was also used to generate NRA outputs.