Data Zones (Census 2021)

Data Zones (DZ2021) are a new statistical output geography, introduced in Northern Ireland after the 2021 Census.


NISRA has developed two new statistical output geographies to support the dissemination of Census 2021 statistics, namely Data Zones and Super Data Zones.

There are 3,780 Data Zones (DZ2021) across Northern Ireland, which nest within the 850 Super Data Zones (SDZ2021). These in turn nest within the 80 District Electoral Areas (DEA2014) and 11 Local Government Districts (LGD2014).

Data Zone digital boundaries in GIS format

Users are able to download Data Zone digital boundaries in a number of formats:

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • GeoJSON
  • Geodatabase

Data Zone attribute table

Attribute Description
DZ2021_cd Data Zone code
DZ2021_nm Data Zone name
SDZ2021_cd Super Data Zone code
SDZ2021_nm Super Data Zone name
DEA2014_cd District Electoral Area code
DEA2014_nm District Electoral Area name
LGD2014_cd Local Government District code
LGD2014_nm Local Government District name
Area_ha Data Zone area (hectares)
Perim_km Data Zone perimeter (kilometres)

Geography preview

Census 2021 Data Zone boundaries