Tourism statistics user engagement

Minutes and details of user consultations and tourism consultations.

Tourism statistics key users

Information on key users of tourism statistics can be accessed below.

Tourism user group meeting 

The latest tourism statistics user group meeting was held on the 28th October 2016. The purpose of the meeting was to gain information on how tourism statistics being produced by NISRA are being used and also to find out if these are meeting users needs. NISRA also updated users on some useful new documents recently made available on data quality. 

The minutes and presentation from this meeting can be accessed below.

A tourism statistics user group meeting was held on 17 December with the aim of updating users on progress in response to the public consultation (May 2013) and an overview of the latest results:

Tourism Statistics User Group Meeting minutes 17 December 2013 

All-island liaison group

Technical subgroup meeting

Meeting on measuring tourism locally

A tourism statistics user group meeting was held on 2 September 2014, with the purpose to discuss the current state of local district council tourism statistics in NI:

Confidence intervals

User guidance on tourism statistics confidence intervals can be accessed below:

User meeting

A meeting between some local authority representatives, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, DETI and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency was held on 11 September 2013:

Specialist user group

A meeting with specialist users that have an interest in Tourism Statistics was held on 26 June 2013:

User consultation regarding methodology on tourism statistics 

NISRA carried out a user consultation exercise regarding methodology on tourism statistics.

This consultation has now closed. However, user views are welcome either by correspondence or attendance at NISRA’s User Group meetings

The most recent user group meeting was in December 2013. .

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