Neighbourhood Statistics (NINIS)

Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) is a service provided by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

Do you need statistics on your local area?

NINIS provides access to statistical and locational information relating to small areas across Northern Ireland as well as NI as a whole. Information is available across 11 statistical themes as well as Census 2011, Deprivation, Making Life Better and Neighbourhood Renewal. The NINIS website contains datasets for statistical and administrative geographies; area profiles providing statistical snapshots of your area; and mapping facilities that enable statistics to be interpreted readily in a spatial context as well as other data visualisation tools.


NINIS currently houses a vast number of datasets and maps which are updated on a regular basis. Datasets are available across many years, and can be downloaded for a range of geographic levels from Small Areas through to Northern Ireland level.

Area Profiles

An area profile provides a statistical summary of a given area. The information has been grouped into a number of broad categories and covers things such as key information from the most recent census, e.g. demography and ethnicity etc., geography information, deprivation measure information and statistics used by Making Life Better.

Interactive Content

A comprehensive suite of interactive content is available on the NINIS website and includes population pyramids and interactive maps. These offer powerful data visualisation tools to aid research and flexibility in data dissemination.

  • Interactive maps provide a robust mapping tool that can be used to compare information across different areas. These maps are available for a wide range of geographies and indicators.

  • Population pyramids provide a graphical means to compare population distributions between different locations and genders.
  • Infographics are produced for key releases and are available under Interactive Content. They are a useful way of summarizing and presenting data.

NINIS Training Workshops

Free information workshops on the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) are provided by NISRA staff for anyone with an interest in Neighbourhood Statistics. The primary aim of the workshop is to provide information on the background to and purpose of Neighbourhood Statistics and to give a demonstration of the NINIS website.

NINIS workshops incorporate practical exercises and participants get the opportunity to navigate the NINIS website and familiarise themselves with the functionality and range of data on NINIS. Workshops are held in NISRA HQ, Colby House, Stranmillis Court, Belfast BT9 5RR – registration is available on the NINIS Workshops webpage.