Official Statistics

Information relating to Human Resource Consultancy Services compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

Related statistics

HRCS Customer Survey Report

The results of the February 2021 customer survey report are available with HRCS responses to the various suggestions/comments made by our customers.

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Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) Report

Details of the quality assurance associated with HRCS’s 5 main statistical outputs in line with UK Statistics Authority guidance on official statistics sourced from administrative data.

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HRCS Compliance Policies and Procedures

HRCS policies and procedures showing compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

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HRCS Revisions and Corrections Policy

An explanation of how we make corrections or revisions to our statistics.

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HRCS Customer Service and User Engagement Policy

Our customer service commitment and customer engagement policy.

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HRCS Data Governance and Confidentiality Statement

This statement sets out our arrangements for maintaining the confidentiality of statistical data.

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HRCS Complaints Procedure

How to make a complaint if the HRCS service has fallen below expected standards.

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