Employment Statistics

Northern Ireland Civil Service Employment Statistics

Information on staffing numbers each quarter in the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

For more information, including the Background Quality Report, please visit: Official Statistics Documents for ‘Employment in the NICS’.

Employment in the Northern Ireland Civil Service - Quarterly Report 1 April 2023 Survey - We would appreciate your views about this publication. Please let us know what you think by completing this short survey: Quarterly Report 1 April 2023.

Review of the NICS Personnel and Employment Reports

The HR Consultancy Services (HRCS) Team within NISRA started a User Review of the annual Personnel Report and quarterly Employment in the NICS report in September 2023. This was the second in a series of 4 Reviews and the Team is currently taking on board further feedback.  User consultation is due to be completed by the end of October at which time results will be analysed to inform future developmental work.