The Transformation of Labour Market Statistics in Northern Ireland

NISRA is currently in the process of transforming the LFS and associated labour market statistics for NI. This work is being advanced alongside work by the ONS to transform the LFS in GB.

This page provides access to supporting information and guidance documentation aimed at helping users familiarise themselves with the ongoing transformation work. In keeping with best practice, it will be updated at key points as the project develops.

User Guidance

Published on 10th April 2024

The Transformation of Labour Market Statistics in Northern Ireland – NISRA User Information Paper April 2024 provides an update on the work as at 10th April 2024. It provides background on the current LFS along with an overview of NISRA’s Social Surveys, outlining both the potential and necessity to change how such surveys are conducted in the future. The paper also details how the new Labour Market Survey (LMS) will follow an online first approach, highlighting how both the content of the questionnaire and supporting field operation have been tailored to meet local needs. As the paper outlines, the new online survey was initiated in October 2023 and is currently delivering encouraging Wave 1 response rates that are exceeding those secured through the LFS.

NISRA is very grateful for the ongoing support of the general public in completing our labour market surveys. Your participation ensures that your particular labour market circumstances are represented in the key labour market statistics that we produce, which are integral to informing the monitoring and development of economic policy and decision making within Government.

Variable Mapping Document

Published on 10th April 2024

The LFS & LMS Mapping Document - April 2024 compares all of the questionnaire variables in the LMS to the LFS and highlights differences and similarities between them.

Previous Updates

The 2023 Labour Market User Group was held on the 15th November 2023 and gave an updated on the project at that time. The presentation is available at the following link: Labour Market User Group 2023.

User Queries

If, on reading the information paper and associated documentation, you have any queries regarding NISRA’s work in this space we would love to hear from you.  Equally, should this be new to you and you would like your contact details to be added to our mailing list please do let us know. All queries should be sent to: