Taking Part

Taking Part in a Household Survey

Who is carrying out the survey?

The survey is carried out by the Central Survey Unit who are the leading survey organisation in Northern Ireland. It is a business area within NISRA. It provides a survey research service to NI Government Departments and Agencies in addition to some Non-Departmental Public Bodies.

Why do we need your help?

Your input is vital to the success of the survey. By taking part you can help provide an accurate picture of how changes in society, government policy, services and the economy affects you. It is important that we survey a wide cross-section of people to ensure the results accurately reflect the whole population.

Do I have to take part?

Taking part is entirely up to you. We're just asking that you spare a little time to share your thoughts and opinions. We know your time is precious, but your input really does make a difference. With your support we can help government and charities make the right decisions about the big issues.

Why was my address selected?

As it is impossible to survey everyone, a random sample of addresses is selected. This approach gives every address an equal chance of being selected.

We cannot substitute your address for another, as this could distort survey representativeness. We would therefore appreciate it if you could help us.

How was my address chosen?

Your address was selected at random from a list of all addresses in Northern Ireland.

What happens to the information I provide?

NISRA's Central Survey Unit places great emphasis on confidentiality and goes to considerable lengths to maintain such confidentiality. Any information given is strictly confidential and NISRA's Central Survey Unit will not release any information that would identify you or anyone in your household.

The NISRA Privacy Notice explains how NISRA will use your personal information and protect your privacy. 

If you would like any more details please give us a call.

I have been selected, what do I need to do to take part?

One of our interviewers will make a brief, socially distanced doorstep visit to provide more information about the survey and how you can take part. Our interviewers are available during the day, in the evenings and at weekends and carry a NISRA identity card, for your reassurance.

How to contact us

For general enquiries, we can be contacted on:

Telephone: 02890 255118
Email:  csu@nisra.gov.uk