Flexible Table Builder

Census 2021 Flexible Table Builder is live at build.nisra.gov.uk

Census 2021 data for the new parliamentary constituencies have been added to the Flexible Table Builder on 26 September 2023.


Our Flexible Table Builder allows you to create your own custom Census 2021 tables for either people or households.  The tool allows you to choose your geography, add or remove variables, and view or download the data.

All census topics are contained in the tool and include: age, sex, ethnic group, national identity, language and religion, housing and accommodation, labour market and travel to work or study, qualifications and health, disability and unpaid care.

Geographic levels available include: Health and Social Care Trusts, Counties, Local Government Districts, Parliamentary Constituencies, Settlements, District Electoral Areas, Super Data Zones and Data Zones.

Helping you get started

To help you understand and make best use of the Flexible Table Builder we have created a series of short videos to demonstrate how key aspects of the tool work.

Our help and support page also provides information on the statistical disclosure control approach taken to ensure we continue to protect the confidentiality of census data.

Providing feedback

We welcome feedback on the Flexible Table Builder from users through our short survey.

The survey is open until December 2023, and aims to collect information relating to the performance and content of the Flexible Table Builder for evaluation purposes.

All responses will be treated in strict confidence.

Selected multivariate tables for Northern Ireland

On 31 May 2023, a small set of multivariate tables were made available to users to show the type of information the Flexible Table Builder will provide.

These tables are also included in the Find ready-made tables section of the Flexible Table Builder: