Policy documents

Includes links to the 2011 Census Proposals, Privacy Impact Assessment, Equality Impact Screening, Outputs Strategy and Revisions & Corrections Policy.

2011 Census Proposals Document

This document sets out in detail the plans for carrying out the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland.

Privacy Impact Assessment

This document describes how privacy matters have been considered and addressed for the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland.

Equality Impact Screening Document

Any major government undertaking needs to take account of any equality issues that might arise and the impact on certain groups in society. This document shows how the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland has been "screened" in relation to equality matters.

2011 Census Outputs Strategy

The 2011 Census Outputs Strategy document outlines NISRA’s strategy for the production and dissemination of the outputs from the 2011 Census. The strategy seeks to build on the positive initiatives introduced through the 2001 Census and has been informed through the consultation work undertaken in conjunction with users in June 2010 and March 2011.

Revisions and Corrections Policy

Outlines the revisions and corrections policy for census outputs.