Census Advisory Group

Overview of the Census Advisory Group for the 2011 Census, including a list of members and minutes.

The Census Advisory Group (CAG) is made up from interested users and specialist advisors drawn from central and local government, health authorities and the commercial and academic sectors as well as representatives from specialist agencies, charities and voluntary organisations.

CAG provides advice to Census Office on a wide range of census topics including the development and testing of questions, changes in definitions and classifications as well as methodological developments, such as the census underenumeration and the Census Coverage Survey.

A list of CAG members is available to download.


Meetings are usually held twice a year and have continued throughout the development of the 2011 Census.

Terms of Reference

To advise Census Office on all matters relating to the conduct of the decennial census of population and housing in Northern Ireland under the Census Act (Northern Ireland) 1969. This will include issues such as development of questions, definitions and classifications and methodological developments.


The Census Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 enables the Registrar General to make the arrangements necessary to carry out the census in Northern Ireland and to prosecute individuals who fail to comply. However, throughout the preparations for and conduct of the Census, Census Office seeks to maintain contact with its users through regular meetings of CAG.