2007 Census Test

Further information on the planning and evaluation of the 2007 Census Test, including the test questionnaires.

NISRA undertook the first major field test for the 2011 Census on 13 May 2007.


Further information on the test including the 2007 Census Test questionnaires and evaluation reports is available.


The key aims of the test were to undertake:

  • an operational test of the proposed enumeration methodologies (enumerator delivery versus post-out plus local post-back)
  • an assessment of the suitability of the Northern Ireland Pointer Address database as the primary data source for the development of an authoritative address register to underpin 2011 Census operations
  • an operational test of key innovative systems such as an operational intelligence system, and the interface between it and traditional systems
  • an examination of the impact of new questions (for example, income, visitors, second residences) and revised questionnaire layout

The 2007 Census Test was voluntary. Information on the forms was treated as confidential, used only for statistical purposes and evaluation of the test. No information that could identify individuals or households was disclosed to anyone outside the census organisation.