Registrar General Annual Report 2020

Date published: 21 October 2021



Correction notice (25 October 2021): the original number of births occurring in 2020 stated in the report (21,512) included births to non- residents of Northern Ireland. The corrected number (21,412) excludes births to non-resident mothers to be consistent with the total number of births registered which it is compared with. Nothing else was impacted by this error and NISRA apologises for any inconvenience.       Correction notice (18 November 2021): the number of births to mothers aged under 20 was corrected from 613 to 631. NISRA apologise for any inconvenience.                                                                      Correction notice (1 February 2022) Infographic for cause of death section colours corrected to allow full view of the proportion of deaths due to Alzheimer's and other dementias; and percent for 'other' corrected to 16.9%. This only impacted the infographic and all text remains the same. NISRA apologise for any inconvenience.