Postcode District Statistics

Date published: 01 October 2020


The statistics for 2012-2020 have been revised following the release of the Census 2021 results. More information can be found in the Mid-Year Population Estimates for Northern Ireland Rebased (2011-21) publication.

2018 mid-year population estimates for postcode districts by 20 year age bands.


To meet a developing user demand and to support work on Covid-19 analysis, provisional postcode district mid-2018 population estimates have been developed.

These figures are not new National Statistics but an alternative aggregation of previously published small area population estimates.

2018 Mid-year Population Estimates for Small Areas were used in this analysis, with the 2019 release scheduled to be published in November 2020.  The postcode district breakdown will be added into this production process and published in November 2020 alongside the rest of the small area population estimates.  Refinements to the process will also be investigated, which may lead to revisions of the provisional postcode district estimates for 2018.