PfG 2016-21 Measurement Annex - % of schools found to be good or better

Date published: 12 April 2017


The figures show the proportion of schools with OEC1 or OEC2 (equivalent to ‘good or better’) based on the latest inspection grade for schools inspected since 2009/10. Approximately 10% of schools were not graded by 2015/16 because they were either new, amalgamated or their last inspection was pre 2009/10.

For primary and post-primary schools the % of schools found to be good or better has been increasing steadily since 2009/10 and is now at a high level. The use of supplementary data will be considered to determine the % of schools or pupils improving from OEC3 or OEC4 to OEC1 or OEC 2.

Data development is required for this indicator.