Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2001 (NIMDM2001)

Date published: 28 June 2001



In July 2000 the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at Oxford University was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency to review and update the 1994 'Robson Measures' of Relative Deprivation.

The new Northern Ireland Measures of Deprivation comprise seven ward level Domain Deprivation Measures; a ward level Multiple Deprivation Measure; a supplementary ward level Child Poverty Measure; Income and Emploment Deprivation Measures at Enumeration District (ED) level; an Economic Deprivation Measure at ED level; six Local Government District (LGD) level summaries of the ward level Multiple Deprivation Measure and two ward level summaries of the ED level Economic Deprivation Measure.