2016-based Population Projections for Areas within Northern Ireland

Date published: 26 April 2018


National population projections by age and sex are produced every two years for the UK and its constituent countries by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Following the publication of Northern Ireland level population projections, NISRA produces official sub-national population projections for areas within in Northern Ireland. Projections are available for local government districts (the current 11 and former 26), Health and Social Care Trusts, former Education and Library Boards and NUTS III areas*.

*Note that as of January 2018 NUTS level III areas are now equivalent to the current 11 LGDs in Northern Ireland.


This release includes the following documents:

  • Statistical bulletin
  • Press notice
  • Methodology paper
  • Assumptions consultation report
  • UK methodology and comparison paper

and the following tables (for each of the areas):

  • Projection summary (2016 to 2041)
  • Population totals (2016 to 2041)
  • Single year of age and sex (2016 to 2041)
  • 5 year age bands and sex (2016 to 2041)

See also:

UK Methodology and Comparison Paper

Infographics for each Local Government District - Please note that these infographics were updated on Thursday 26 April at 14:45.

Interactive maps (projections, components of population change)

Population pyramids