Outputs Consultation

NISRA ran a consultation on proposed changes to some of their statistical outputs. The consultation, which ended on 15 October, sought views from users and stakeholders to help NISRA to address the financial constraints imposed by the budget settlement for 2023-24, whilst minimising the impact on users and stakeholders.

The consultation sought views from users and stakeholders on a range of proposed changes to their statistical outputs, including suspending some outputs until further notice; scaling back outputs in frequency or content; and delaying some outputs from their planned publication dates. Details of the consultation including which outputs were included can be found in the Outputs Consultation Document published on the consultation publication page.  The questionnaire that was used in the consultation can also be found in the consultation publication page.

The full report on the outcome of the consultation, including users’ responses and actions planned, including mitigations, will be published in the Outputs Consultation Response Report published on the consultation publication page on Friday 10th November.

NISRA are hugely grateful to the wide range of individuals, organisations and businesses which took the time to provide us with detailed consultation responses. The responses paint an affirming picture of the value which users derive from our outputs, and the high esteem they place on the products we release.