NISRA publishes proposals for the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland

Date published: 03 April 2019

NISRA has published the Registrar General’s proposals for the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland which is due to take place on 21 March 2021, subject to legislation. The Proposals Document sets out the topics which NISRA intends to include on the census questionnaire and how the information will be collected.

This will be a ‘digital-first’ census, with people being encouraged to fill out their census questionnaire online. Advice and support will be provided, including providing paper questionnaires for those who need them.

The census is held every 10 years and it provides an unparalleled source of consistent and comparable information on our population.  Census information is used to inform policy development, plan services and allocate resources. 

The Proposals Document sets out the range of topics which it is intended to include on the census questionnaire including the changes proposed since the last census in 2011.  It explains how people can fill out their census questionnaire, with the emphasis on completion online.

The document also describes plans to ensure that everyone takes part in the census, including a range of ways to help people complete the census questionnaire, plans for community liaison, a publicity campaign and plans to employ field staff to follow up people who haven’t responded.

Further information on the key elements of the 2021 Census can be found on the NISRA website.

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