Date published: 14 February 2019


NI: IN PROFILE is a resource pack of key statistics covering a range of areas of life in Northern Ireland.

The pack brings together a range of data into a single place and will be of interest to a broad audience, including policy makers in the public and private sector, students and academics, schools and the general public. 

Statistics have primarily been sourced from across the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency, however where official statistics are not available statistics from other sources have been included.

The pack is intended to provide a high-level statistical summary of life in Northern Ireland and you will note that it does not include detailed commentary.   If you wish to delve further into the detail of a particular statistic, you are encouraged to follow the links provided.

Thanks are due to those NISRA statisticians across all government departments who advised on the most appropriate statistics to include under their own area of expertise. 

In the interests of continuous improvement and adding value, NISRA is keen to hear your feedback on NI: IN PROFILE and would appreciate any comments you may have (please e-mail comments to Niall.O’

NI: IN PROFILE is available at the link below


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