The next Quarterly Employment Survey results will be published on the 19th March

Date published: 12 March 2019

It is normal practice for Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) estimates to be revised. Further information on standard revisions can be found on the QES website.

There have been two further methodological changes to employee jobs estimates that will be included in the March 2019 release.

These revisions result from:

•    a periodic seasonal adjustment review (impacting on data from Q1 2005 to Q3 2018)

•    improved methodology for the treatment of new businesses (impacting on data from Q1 2017 to Q3 2018)

In addition 

•    QES estimates for Q3 2017 have not been benchmarked to the annual Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES)

Further information will be available alongside the publication on 19th March 2019





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