Divorces and Civil Partnership Dissolutions 2019

Date published: 10 February 2021

Tables containing data on divorces and civil partnership dissolutions registered in Northern Ireland in 2019 were released at 9.30am today.

Divorces and CP Dissolutions Infographic

Key Points

  • There were 2,357 divorces and 12 civil partnership dissolutions registered in 2019.
  • Although an increase from the number in 2018, the number of divorces are still lower than the peak in 2007.
  • The most common grounds for divorce was non-cohabitation with 70.1% of couples citing this.
  • The average age at divorce for males in 2019 was 48 and for females was 45.
  • The average length of marriage at divorce was 18 years
  • 4,042 children or stepchildren were affected by divorce in 2019,  1,694 of which were aged under 16
  • Of the 12 civil partnership dissolutions, 5 involved male partners and 7 involved female partners
  • The average age of males involved in a civil partnership dissolution in 2019 was 46, and the average age of females was 40.

The full set of tables and infographic are available in the Annual report of the Registrar General section of the website.

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