Provide contact details to participate in a survey

If you have been selected to take part in a survey please provide us with a telephone number so that we can reach you.

Your household has been selected to take part in an important study. Due to current government advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to send an interviewer to your address in person to carry out this study. We plan however, to carry out the study over the telephone instead. Please click on the secure link below to enter your contact details: 

Survey contact details form

Alternatively you may wish to contact us via telephone. The table below illustrates the surveys we currently have active. If you have received a letter to inform you that your address has been selected to take part in one of these surveys you will be asked to contact one of the numbers within the table, some surveys have several contact numbers due to the number of addresses selected to take part in that survey.

Customer contact numbers for surveys

Survey Customer Contact Number(s)
Continuous Household Survey 02890255069, 07511213423
Coronavirus Survey 02890255069, 02890255091, 02890255096, 02890255114, 02890255115, 02890255116, 02890255450, 07511213423, 07511213383, 07511213421, 07511213382, 07511213428,  07596345328, 07596345416, 07511213411, 07511213469
Family Resources Survey 02890255111, 07511213432
Health Survey Northern Ireland 02890255114, 07511213382
Labour Force Survey 02890255111, 07511213432
The Northern Ireland Living Costs and Food Survey 02890255111, 07511213432
Survey on Living Conditions 02890255111, 07511213432
Travel Survey for Northern Ireland 02890255542, 07511213427
Safe Community Survey 02890255542, 07511213427