Census Rehearsal Coverage Survey

As part of our preparations for the 2021 Census, NISRA held a census rehearsal in October 2019. The final stage of this rehearsal is a survey of postcodes involved to estimate who we missed in the census.

What is a rehearsal?

A rehearsal is a smaller-scale version of the main census. It took place in selected areas across Northern Ireland in October 2019.

Thank you to all who took part. The rehearsal helps us plan for the 2021 Census. Find out more about the census.

Why we held a rehearsal

Carrying out a census is a huge task. A full end to end rehearsal was necessary to ensure that all of our processes, systems and services are effective and working as they should before the 2021 Census. The rehearsal helps us ensure that all elements of the field operation and supporting public interface services (for example, the online self-help system and contact centre) are fit-for-purpose, and the collected information will be used to assure the performance of key parts of the data processing system developed by NISRA.

What is the Census Rehearsal Coverage Survey?

The Census Rehearsal Coverage Survey is an independent survey taken shortly after the census. Information collected as part of the survey allows us to estimate who we missed in the census. We have selected a random sample of postcodes in Census Rehearsal areas to take part in our rehearsal of the Coverage Survey. Even if you completed the Census questionnaire in October, we would still request that you complete this interview. It will be led by a survey interviewer and your answers will be captured on an electronic device. The interview should take about 10 mins to complete.

How do I know if it is a Census Rehearsal Coverage Survey Interviewer?

You can check the interviewer is genuine by asking to see their identification card, which will have their name and photograph.

If you are unsure, you can call the Census Coverage Survey Helpline number on 028-90255118.

Privacy notice 

The safety of your information is our top priority. 

The information you provide when you fill in your census rehearsal questionnaire is protected by law. Find out more on how we are keeping your data safe by reading our privacy notice.